How Far Apart Should You Place Your Tiles?

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You will hear most tile stores referring to the gap size between tiles as “grout lines.”  This is the space between tiles.

It is important to specify the amount of space you want for a variety of reasons we shall be discussing below. But the grout lines will also depend on the type of tiles you are using for your project and the substrate the tiles are fixed with.

Consideration should always be given to the grout in use, and a common practice is generally between 2.3 and 3.5 mm when it comes to floor tiles.

The main difference in the tiles concerning the grout lines usually is whether it can be rectified or not.

A tile that can be rectified is manufactured or cut precisely to the size measured. These tiles are either porcelain or natural stones that are available in most tile stores Miami, Florida normally has.



After firing them, most marble tiles Miami companies will take them through the next process where they are cut mechanically and ground on all sides to consistent and precise dimensions, while ensuring that they are uniform across the whole batch.

This feature of rectified tiles enables the installation to be fixed within 2-3mm of the grout lines and creates a stylish and seamless look.


Non-Rectified Tiles

Most Miami tile companies will disguise the sizes of the non-rectified tiles, and this will ensure that there is a balanced installation.

When these tiles are laid up and butting each other without any grout lines will  cause them to have a slight variation in size that accumulates across the installation causes alignment issues.

Therefore, any tiles that are installed without grout lines, will reduce the space in between to a minimum, but it does not eliminate it completely.

The remaining space causes water, dirt, and dust to seep in and accumulate in the gaps, making them look ugly.


Floor Substrate

This should be taken into consideration as well, whenever you are considering the grout size. Regardless of how the tiles were installed, the tiles fixed on wooden substrates are normally prone to consistent and minute movements.

In such cases, grout lines are essential, and without them, the tiles will end up rubbing against each other and causing cracks, chips, and debonding of the substrate or adhesive.



Therefore, the grout line size will determine the type of grout you use. Some grouts sometimes measure up to 3mm gaps, and a wide-joint grout can be suitable for highly polished surfaces.

In case you have a wooden floor substrate, a flexible grout would absorb all the movements. Ensure to discuss these grout options with your tiler to ensure that you have the right products and do what’s suitable for your project.

It’s advisable to do this before installation, and most Miami tile companies will help with this.

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