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Cobogó Luna and Synapsis lines in residence in Paraná by Mauro Marcon

The architect Mauro Marcon used our Cobogó Luna and Synapsis lines in this residential project in São Miguel do Iguaçu, Paraná. The lines Cobogó Luna and Synapsis are part of the exclusive Solarium portfolio of the Solarium designed by Great Talents, being creations, respectively, of Décio de Lima Beck and Fernanda Marques. Designed by Décio […]

Synapsis Line in Alphaville Residence by Tânia Teixeira

The architect Tânia Teixeira used our line Synapsis designed by Fernanda Marques to create a beautiful panel in this residence in Alphaville. One of the great successes of Solarium, the line Synapsis was the first creation of the renowned architect Fernanda Marques for Solarium. Following its concept of customization, the line Synapsis presents three components […]

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